(Authentic Engagement * Insight)*Innovation = Mastery

Lisa Steingold is the Marketing Manager of Facebook Marketing Partner, Popimedia.  Lisa takes the insights from having worked as a communications consultant and coach and couples it with her formal experience in the field of marketing and brand engagement to ensure she lives and breathes brand engagement.

Her very own personal ‘THEORY OF EVERYTHING’ is

(Authentic Engagement + Business Insight)*Innovation = Mastery®

She’s as passionate about coffee, cycling and learning AS she is about her work and connected brands. Dedicated writer and connector, she maintains however that chocolate will always be her first love.

The author of several books on topics including Get Real, Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places,Stop the Debt Bus and numerous others, Lisa has also contributed to The Journal of Marketing, CNBC Africa, Ventures Africa and The Star Workplace.
With a passion to prompt audiences to think Lisa is a frequent speaker and presents on various topics relating to authentic personal and brand engagement.

“I do believe that authenticity and courage is what creates the impact and connection we seek and that it begins within; the individual, the organisation and the collective.”