Articles written by Lisa

The 10 questions of marketing

As an avid reader, I recently came across a phenomenal book called The 10 Questions. Written by psychologist and life-coach Debbie Ford, the book invites readers to evaluate their life choices on the basis of 10 essential questions. The book added much value to my personal decision-making process and with my marketing manager’s cap on,…


If You Were Dating Money

I find it interesting how many of us look for financial and investment advice from the gurus, all the while, not understanding that our relationship with money is deeper and more intricate than that of just a commodity. What would your relationship look like if you were dating money? The truth is you ARE dating money! You’ve…



Being in the marketing space I am extremely passionate about brands. So what exactly is a brand? Well if you’re reading this article and thinking it’s a name and logo then be grateful that we haven’t met. If one has to consult Wikipedia, the answer a brand is a collection of symbols, experiences and associations…