Lisa Steingold
The consequences of real decision making
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A couple of weeks ago I posted a video about the link between joy, authenticity and willpower with willpower being inversely proportional to joy and authenticity. I mentioned I’d be doing some additional posts on the topic and indeed I will but before doing so I felt I wanted to share some of my experiences around the consequences of real decision making.

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Make them feel special
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Who doesn’t like to feel special? (Yes it’s a rhetorical question because everyone does.)   As a lifetime student of psychology and marketing I do sometimes think that the age…

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I’m sorry…why keeping it real makes brand sense
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I have a best friend and I generally speak to her at least once a day despite the fact that we live on different continents. Throughout our time together we’ve…

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Stop wasting time
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You’re reading this because you’ve got a bunch of time on your hands and nothing else to do right? I certainly hope not but in any case I highly doubt…

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It’s about us
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Having recently changed energy suppliers, I had to take a gas reading but couldn’t find the uniquely shaped key. I searched the energy suppliers website and couldn’t find a phone…

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