Get Real

Isn’t it a crazy time we live in? I see so many people running around on treadmill lives trying to avoid their truth and all the time in the illusion of chasing it. I too have experienced this. We spend time trying to find what we already have and already know have but have forgotten. We spend time looking for it in others and blaming them when it turns out that they’ve let us down or rather we feel let down by them. We search for a perpetual and ungraspable sense of happiness that seems somehow to be promised by every self made, self help guru.

Looking for love in the all the wrong places

Aah the topic of love. No matter the person, the topic of love shall not escape our experience. And yet can any of us really define it? Much more than that, can any of us understand it? And there are so many different flavours to the experience of love; the love of a friend, the passionate love encounter, the love of one’s family, the deep love of a partner, the love of God, the love for one’s animals and, dare I say it, even the love for oneself.