Get Real : Introductory Free Chapter Download


Isn’t it a crazy time we live in? I see so many people running around on treadmill lives trying to avoid their truth and all the time in the illusion of chasing it. I too have experienced this. We spend time trying to find what we already have and already know have but have forgotten. We spend time looking for it in others and blaming them when it turns out that they’ve let us down or rather we feel let down by them. We search for a perpetual and ungraspable sense of happiness that seems somehow to be promised by every self made, self help guru. When we can’t find it we feel like failures and seek either to escape our lives and the realm of human interaction completely or we seek to build new patterns and delusions of grandeur that can keep us in the ever hopeful promise of happiness. In a world of infinitely many opportunities to make ourselves feel better we seek all the time to feel better just so we may not have to face where we are.

Some of us progress to the point where we realise that food, alcohol, sex or work won’t make us feel better but then we progress to something much worse; trying to make others feel better. Oprah, God bless her, always told us that when you don’t feel good, it always helps to make someone feel better and do good for others. It’s true and it works – up to a point and that point is when you rely on others for your sense of feeling good. The truth is that that elusive sense of feeling okay can only be found within.

Imagine in front of you a glass bowl with water and oil floating on top of it. Notice how the oil sits on top of the water. If you stick a pen in the bowl notice how it displaces the oil but then as soon as it is taken out, the oil goes back to where it was and there isn’t much effect on the water. Notice on the other hand that when you move the bowl how both the oil and the water move. Imagine now that the oil represents the circumstances of your life e.g. your money, relationships, career, friends, family, home, body and health. Imagine also that the water represents who you really are; your essence and your spirit which consists of your beliefs, your perceptions about the world, your secrets and your truths.