About Lisa

I think the fact that you’re here is more about you than it is about me but if I were in your shoes I’d also want to know why I should read any of my books or partner with me for coaching or any of my services.

My Why

Simon was right. It all starts with WHY. My WHY comes from a fundamental belief that authenticity, honesty, transparency and truth are the keys to the sustainable success, peace, love and joy we seek. If the life we want lies on the other side of the doorway, then authenticity is the key needed to unlock it. I don’t mean in some esoteric philosophical concept but on a pragmatic basis that yield results.

The problem is that BS (yes bull***t) costs alot of time, money and energy. I don’t know about you but I feel like I don’t want to waste time, money or energy on BS. In essence anything (a business, a product, a movement etc) or person that promises to be or sells a facade of what they are not, is unsustainable. This is why organisations waste millions on activities that don’t align with their brand mission and vice versa. This is why relationships end. This is why businesses collapse.

Iin the age of digital media you can actually lie; not for long at least. The word spreads too fast and despite fake news, people have a sense for the truth, more and more so with the likes of blockchain technology, Trustpilot and Netflix.

Sometimes the greatest challenge is recognising the lies we tell ourselves because we’re so invested in keeping them alive. We lie to ourselves in the form of beliefs justifying things by convincing ourselves ‘it’s just the way it is’. It isn’t just the way it is and that’s why I’m so passionate about my work. I truly believe it (life in all its expressions) doesn’t have to be the way we think it does.

We have to see how we lie to ourselves through justifying our beliefs and through denying the reality of a situation; a country’s government, a relationship and its dynamics, our finances, our behaviour etc.

Lying to myself, albeit subconsciously so has caused me a world of pain throughout my life. Having seen how easily life and business transforms once we embrace authenticity, I’d like to use my mistakes and failings to help individuals, brands and organisations to be successful and sustainable. I just don’t think we need to wait for the pain of lost clients, a failed business or relationship to change.

My Days

I think you can alot about a person in how they spend their days. Whilst people can wax lyrical about their values, the truth lies in behaviour. So here it is; I’m a writer by genetic make up and mostly cannot go a day without writing; be it in a journal or on a new project. I generally carry approximately no less than three different journals with me. I cherish the opportunity to sit in a coffee shop and write.

I take on a handful of coaching clients at any point in time. As I work with clients as partners I invest in the process and whilst people are responsible for their own lives, I’m still committed to creating the right dynamics to foster partnerships.

Over and above writing and coaching, I spend 4 days a week working as the Marketing Director for a kids healthy snack food brand called ChewyMoon. I do this out of choice as I’m passionate about the cause, love the brand and love the opportunity it affords me to exercise my creative juices.

Speaking of exercise, you’ll typically find my with my amazing team from F45 Stratford, on my bicycle with the gals from Bia Cycling and the crew at North Star Velo.

I love my family and generally spend my weekends with my sister alternatively I tend to turn off my phone and get out in Mother Nature.

Who inspires me

People who aren’t afraid to think and go out into the world and live their truth inspire me. This means I’m inspired all the time by the many people I meet. I unfortunately don’t have all of their names for you. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by some incredible people. On an intellectual and methodological level I’m inspired by Carl Jung, David Whyte, Dale Fox (who is a mentor of mine) Brene Brown, Charlie Morley and Steven Pressfield to name but a few.

On a personal level I’m inspired by my family as I do believe that it’s thanks to them that authenticity and living one’s truth has always been such a priority for me. I’m also privileged to have Barney Beukes, Vicky Dockray and Natalie Dankworth who challenge and inspire me every day.

The non-important credentials

You can find more about my credentials under the coaching page. This is the stuff that I think is unimportant but I realise also needed to ensure credibility. I’ve been coaching and writing since 2009. Many of the books I first wrote were rubbish but following more recent successes such as Cut the Crap; the Power of Authenticity for Brands, I’ve edited my early works and re-released past editions.

I’ve been fortunate to be able to contribute to some incredible brands and people over the years including;

Shape magazine, GIBS business School, Spark Media, Deloitte, the Association of African Change Management Professionals, Virgin Active and The Branson School of Entrepreneurship.

“I do believe that authenticity and courage is what creates the impact and connection we seek and that it begins within; the individual, the organisation and the collective.”