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El camino de Santiago and finding the way

I didn’t want to write about el camino or finding your way because it’s some great sporting feat. It isn’t and I have friends who’ve cycled it in just one day! (Now that’s a sporting feat!).

No, I wanted to write about it because of the feeling the experience left me with and because of the undeniable metaphor between the road and life.

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You are NOT what you eat!

If you were what you ate then some people I know should be the sizes of houses, myself included. If you were, I would be a towering pile of warm and freshly baked pastries, bread, and pizza.

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On Fear & Resilience

Seriously my mother (Ruth) wrote this! I only found out a few weeks ago and when I read it, I cried. Firstly not only is the way she writes, nothing short of excellent but the story is POWERFUL!
Go mom! And thank you for all your courage!

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Why the world isn’t f….d and why you’re more like an Olympian than you think

Something that has hit home more and more for me and in working with others is that we don’t have depression, weight, failure, financial or even end of the world problems. True story.

More than likely we’re simply stuck in a habit of thinking we’re fat, or depressed, broke, or that we can’t, etc and then using the ‘evidence’ we see in the world to back it up and reinforce the story we tell about how we are and how the world is…

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