Leading for Results

    Lisa Steingold - Leading for Results

    Leaders and entrepreneurs face a multitude of challenges ranging from knowing how to best invest capital to trying to hire the best talent to knowing what projects to focus on, not to mention managing personal relationships, health and family in the midst of this.

    Unfortunately whilst many CEO’s and leaders can be challenging to others, all too often they’re not prepared to face the harsh realities of decision making within their own lives.

    Additionally whilst CEO’s and leaders face challenges externally, they sometimes fail to recognise the dramatic influence of their own beliefs, behaviour and values on the success of the company. This is where coaching comes in. I’m no business coach however I can tell you what a health balance sheet looks like and due to my executive background, can tell you what activities within an organisation are contributing to growth or to decay and where the business challenges lie.

    If you feel your business or brand is not achieving the results you think it should, let’s connect. You may just be able to turn things around from within…and I mean within yourself.