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    Having recently changed energy suppliers, I had to take a gas reading but couldn’t find the uniquely shaped key. I searched the energy suppliers website and couldn’t find a phone number but instead found their Twitter handle. It was a simple matter of…

    One of my frustrations in communications is that all too often, the word is interpreted as a one way feed; from brands to their stakeholders, from internal communicators to employees and from senior level brand specialists to their agencies. In the strictest sense the word, and according to the Oxford dictionary actually means “an exchange of information”.

    Until the word communication is changed in the likes of the Oxford dictionary, we as communicators might do well to remember that it’s about a conversation. That means engaging as opposed to telling. It means asking questions and listening. It means a shared space that translates as ‘us’ as opposed to ‘us vs them’ in whatever capacity that might be applicable.

    In my experience in relationships, the shared space of ‘us’ creates open possibilities, it creates engagement and it ensures a sustainable, joyous connection even if both parties make mistakes. Why then should we not apply this in our roles as communicators?

    Thank you E-on for showing us it’s possible!

    If you feel like engaging, please don’t hesitate to comment, mail me to tweet me. I won’t be able to assist you with the gas key for your meter reading but if it’s comms or marketing related, I love to hear from you.


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