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    Who doesn’t like to feel special? (Yes it’s a rhetorical question because everyone does.)


    As a lifetime student of psychology and marketing I do sometimes think that the age of social media has influenced people’s lack of natural self confidence somewhat negatively in that people look to feel special in a context that cannot provide true validation.

    This HOWEVER is not the topic of discussion today. What IS however up for discussion is a spotlight on a brand who recently made me feel special.

    In order for me to write this I have to admit that I buy Men’s Health. Not only do I buy it but I consume it fervently.

    This is not just because of the models but because I love the content! It’s like an honorary look at the world through a man’s eyes and I can’t say I don’t enjoy the recipes and sex advice in equal measures. Mind you I bet you I’m not the only female purchaser of Men’s Health but that too is another discussion.

    What I LOVED about the most recent edition of Men’s Health is that they brought out 3 different covers; same contents but three different gorgeous men on the cover. I got to choose the guy that appealed to me most and no doubt Men’s Health will get to understand their market a little better because of it. Win. Win.

    It’s the little things that make us feel special; being called by our first names, being able to choose what we like and feeling like we belong.

    What would your brand do differently if you were to implement these practices? Would you start a loyalty club? Would you send personalized gifts on birthdays? Would you choose different ‘covers’ for the same product? Maybe you’d pay more attention to data and target your audience with more relevant content?

    Just a thought I had.

    Okay I’m off to read my Men’s Health.


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