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Velo Dulce is the show where we talk women, cycling, life…and coffee of course!

Velo Dulce comes from the Italian phrase "La Vida Dolce" which means the good life.

I’ve always loved sport for it’s ability to transform, and particularly cycling. For me, sport and cycling are the ultimate metaphor for life with all the mountains, valleys, views and the grit in between.

Velo Dulce comes from the Italian phrase “La Vida Dolce” which means the good life. 

I think we find the good life through really getting up close and personal with ourselves and that’s what I wanted to do in these interviews. Each week I interview super athletes and women in sport from around the world to hear their stories on finding the good life through life on two wheels.   

Sarah Hill

On “You’re NOT Alone”

Jenny Green

On founding Bia Cycling and what it means to live #thepowerofi

Ariane Luthi

On pain, resilience and dealing with pressure

Faranak Partoazar

On closed doors and mindset

Upcoming Guests

Lentine Alexis

Classically trained chef and professional endurance athlete


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Robyn de Groot

Robyn, with former rival Ariane Luthi, won the Swiss Epic in 2020 and has not let the pandemic stop her in her tracks!


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Gracie Elvin

Gracie left pro-cycling in 2020 and is giving her all to the sport and life in every way!


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Jools Walker

Jools is a Writer • Podcaster • Content Creator but loves her bike!


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