Looking for love in the all the wrong places

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Aah the topic of love. No matter the person, the topic of love shall not escape our experience. And yet can any of us really define it? Much more than that, can any of us understand it? And there are so many different flavours to the experience of love; the love of a friend, the passionate love encounter, the love of one’s family, the deep love of a partner, the love of God, the love for one’s animals and, dare I say it, even the love for oneself.

I’ve always thought these different aspects of love separate just as one might examine a meal and yet upon pondering the subject more closely I realise that just as one’s main course of roast chicken and vegetables digest in the same place as one’s dessert of chocolate cake, so too does one’s hunger for such things originate in one place. Yes and whilst they might manifest as different desires in different tastes, they carry the same essence. So too have I discovered this with love.
It’s funny. I always considered myself ill-equipped to write on the topic of love but I had a “lightbulb” moment before I sat down and began writing when I realised this: How can you know what a subject is truly about unless you also know what it truly is not?

I’ve always pondered the inner workings of love. How come one day it’s there and the next day it’s gone? I don’t think I’m alone in my pondering. So I’m pretty much talking to you; yes that 90% (okay I totally made that up but if my therapist friends and I are anything to go by, it’s pretty much true) of you who’ve read Eat, Pray, Love or Committed and it’s resonated with the depths of your soul. I’m talking to you if you once thought that life was like Dirty Dancing. I’m talking to you if you cried during Titanic in or Pride and Prejudice when Mr Darcy finally kissed Elizabeth Bennett. I’m talking to the rest of you who threw yourself into a relationship only to come out with clothes intact and little else… only to do give yourself that tearful experience again, countless times.

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A guide to true love, no matter what By Lisa Steingold

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    When we cannot change the situation, we are forced to change ourselves. Victor Frankl – Man’s Search for Meaning