The world is f’kd – or is it?

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    I’m back in South Africa and super happy to be so. It’s fascinating because a couple of months ago I couldn’t wait to get out of here and now I couldn’t be happier to be home. Has the country changed?

    No, not at all. If anything things, in relation to government and politics, have become worse. On Wednesday this week Tito Mboweni delivered his 2019 budget speech and things really hit home for me when he stated;

    “…in this coming year, we expect revenues of R1.58 trillion and spending of R1.83 trillion. That means we will spend R243 billion more than we earn. Put another way, we are borrowing about R1.2 billion a day, assuming that we don’t borrow money on the weekend.”

    Let’s just say that South Africans aren’t exactly facing a buoyant economy and that light at the end of the proverbial tunnel doesn’t seem to be forthcoming with literal lights going out aka load shedding (power outages for my fellow world dwellers) and unemployment, not to mention uncertainty in the face of the elections.

    I lived in three different countries in the past year. The interesting thing I found is that when I went to the UK, everyone there said the country’s gone to s*** and then when I was in Spain, there were those also painting a bleak picture of the future.

    The Guardian stated this week that;

    “UK and Ireland retailers warn of 40% tariffs on food in no-deal Brexit.”

    40%? That’s no joke!

    (For my friends who live in deep dark Africa or just in the deep dark (behind some rock somewhere in the outback perhaps), Brexit is a decision by the UK to leave the European Union and as such cut economic ties and trade with them. Let’s just say it’s a less than ideal situation.)

    I would say, given the economists view and narrative that Spain’s forecast is strong although electricity prices in Spain are amongst the highest in the world. I can concur as my electricity bill, when living there was 60% of my monthly rental of the place. Insane if you think about it.

    I titled this piece as such because it sometimes feels to me that the current general ‘sentiment’ given my experience in the three above mentioned countries is TWIF (the world is … – fill in the dots). Is it though?

    I read many pieces by what I would call spiritual teachers who speak about being positive in a manner and keeping light. I also hear many people droning on about dark times, impossibility and how the world has never been in such a bad state. The reality is that environmentally we’ve never faced such a crisis and one can not ignore the real implications of geopolitical factors. But is it all doom and gloom?

    In my experience our outer circumstances will impact on how we feel, often to the point of deep pain.

    Yet we too project how we’re feeling internally onto the world. Caught in a negative loop, this can be devastating.

    I specifically DON’T want to talk about the law of attraction because I don’t believe that many on this planet of ours understand it to its full capacity and it remains an esoteric concept. I’m not sure that it’s quite fair to tell someone who was born in Sudan or Iraq that they’re experiencing what they are because of the beliefs they hold. That ‘stuff’ just doesn’t sit with me.

    So let me talk rather from my own experience and invite you to share yours in the comments.

    I know that the more I’ve been pushed into pain by my external circumstances, the more I’ve had no option but to feel the pain. After a good cry, the world suddenly seems brighter and possibilities, options and solutions that evaded me previously suddenly occur. Another interesting observation I’ve had is that the more I’ve been faced with challenges from circumstances, the more real I’ve been forced to become. In a somewhat mystical way, then I act from truth, look at people with compassion, the present with delight and the future with hope despite current ‘end of times’ sentiment and often occurrences. It’s a little too “The book of Eli” for my liking but here we are living in interesting times indeed.

    I mean the ‘old men’ had this all figured out long ago right? Leonardo, Einstein…

    No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

    The question then begs how do we change consciousness and in my experience it’s though feeling what we feel.

    This subject is one I could keep writing on until the candles on my dining room table lose their light but given that sleep is of primary importance to me and I’m quite conscious of your time, I’ll invite you to comment and bid you goodnight.

    Keep the faith:-)


    Lisa Steingold

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