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I don’t believe in motivation. I believe that behaviour and habits are motivated by shifts in the psyche. Anyone can motivate a crowd, in the same way that it’s easy to get motivated in the moment. We all have had those moments where we feel excited about changing our lives and then an hour, a day or a week later we’re back to our same old routine.

Additionally these days most of us can access speakers, experts and gurus all within the click of a button. So how does it work?

My work as a speaker involves taking audiences through the shift and experience of a particular subject. I intertwine my own stories of a particular subject with a difference perspective and involve the audience with questions and challenges. 

When I speak to audiences I aim to take them through an experience. Whether its debt, carbs, brands or burnout, I aim to get the audience to experience through stories and shared feelings. I usually ask audiences to reflect on some aspect of their lives in a way that leaves lasting change. The vast amount of change I’ve experienced throughout my life has come from uncovering the beliefs that have kept me stuck and repeating the same behaviour. It’s when we shift these beliefs that the change happens instantaneously. The age old belief that change takes time just isn’t true. When you shift perspective and uncover the truth within, change happens instantaneously. I’ve presented to and connected with audiences in South Africa and Europe and love my work!

I have studied psychology for as long as I can remember. In addition to this, I’ve certainly have had more than a few adventures in my life. I’ve ridden a mountain bike across Vietnam and Laos. I’ve lived in London for 8 months before moving to Spain – to teach English. I’ve ridden my bicycle in the Alps. I’ve been diagnosed with Lyme Disease which I’ve overcome through embracing fear.

I’ve been passionate and obsessive even about behaviour change over the past twenty years. I’ve written a number of books and produced courses on the subject of weight loss, illness, money and brands. Having worked as a Head of Marketing for Popimedia, a Facebook Marketing Partner, Vega the Brand Communications School, ChewyMoon a kids healthy snack food brand and Metaco, a leadership development company, I’m passionate about building brands of authenticity that enable real mutual benefit in the connected economy.

I absolutely love connecting with audiences!

Also, it’s pretty nerdy but I really want to change the world. One thing that really upsets me is that I spent so much time swimming upstream unnecessarily and I want to help others so they don’t need to. I thought I couldn’t lose weight because I wasn’t disciplined enough. I thought I wasn’t wealthy because I’d had bad luck. I thought that I was burnt out because I was working and training for too many hours. I thought that I wasn’t gaining results in cycling and other areas of my life because I wasn’t working hard enough.
Turns out I was wrong. It wasn’t that I was unlucky or that I wasn’t working hard enough or that I was even working too hard. No, it was all in a shift of mindset and beliefs that shifted my life. Combining a series of techniques with a few life hacks made me realise that it can all be so different. And that’s why I speak!

It depends really as each audience is different but you can expect to relate. You can expect to laugh. Now and then you can expect to cry. And you can expect to walk out feeling different; not motivated to change but having experienced a change within that leads to the change without. You have to BE different to DO different. NOT the other way around.

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