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Welcome to REIMAGINE the Future

ReIMAGINE the Future

Join Integration Coach Warren Flood and Lisa Steingold in this two hour game changing workshop 

  • Understand what it means to shift
  • Understand why an epiphany is not enough
  • Be guided through meditation to imagine what the future could look like
  • Understand why purpose matters
  • Create new habits through imagining what the future looks and feels like
  • Use authenticity to dismantle the old and create work and relationships afresh

The world is changing. Understandably it can be scary but it’s also an opportunity to reimagine and reinvent the future. This too shall pass is not what this time is about. It’s about how we create the shift so that once this passes, we create a new normal.

This workshop is designed to help facilitate a new mindset and to shift feelings of fear to a mindset of opportunity to create a vision for the future.


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