Carbs, Curves & Everything in Between | Lisa Steingold

Carbs, Curves
& Everything in Between

Resetting your body isn't as difficult as you might think

“Carbs, curves and everything in between” is an in-depth look at the cause and contributions to our body issues and more importantly, how to overcome them. It gives the reader an understanding of both the psychological factors and neurological factors behind weight gain, addiction and why diets don’t work.

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Carbs, Curves and Everything in between ignites a journey of critical honest self-evaluation that surpasses the normal psychological introspection many seek from therapists, doctors and coaches alike. It is an intrinsic discovery of what informs the ideologies of one’s self, and is founded on authentic wisdom, scientific research and observations within defined behavioural frameworks.

Dr Tshidi Gule, Founder of Medispace Wellness Institue

More about the book

“I wrote this book because I’m tired of the typical ‘transform your life in 7 days’ nonsense that is sold to (and bought by) consumers looking to deal with their body issues which only serve as a tool for failure. At some point, we’re going to have to look at the discerning factors involved. The book seeks to answer questions such as;

  • Why can’t I lose weight?
  • Why can’t I get rid of my addictions
  • What’s my weight about?
  • How do I work through my body issues?

The book is divided into two parts; the first part gives the reader the factual information and understanding of body issues, whilst the second part acts as a practical workbook and guide.
Lisa has done her research and yet brings in some radical new concepts and understanding in a manner that’s appealing, light hearted and truthful. The book is filled with case studies, examples and the author’s own stories, all of which make this book, probably the most authentic, well delivered book in the ‘change my body’ genre, written to date.