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La Vida Dulce is the show where we talk women, performance and life! Over a coffee, of course!

Velo Dulce comes from the Italian phrase “La Vida Dolce” which means
the good life.

La Vida Dulce comes from the Italian phrase “La Vida Dolce” which means the good life. 

For me the bicycle has always been a metaphor for life; it’s up, it’s down, it’s suffering and it’s joy. The good life, I’ve realized is the sweet spot between pain and joy. 
I think we find the good life through really getting up close and personal with ourselves and that’s what I wanted to do in these interviews. I decided to interview the bravest, most admired even the funniest of women who help make sense of it all and bring some joy to the journey.

Performance. Pushing the limits.
Owning the life you want.

I started this show because of a few reasons. I wanted to see what made the women who perform ‘at the edge. I wanted to see if I too could surpass my own edge and help other women to surpass theirs too!

Ariane Luthi

On pain, resilience and dealing with pressure

Faranak Partoazar

On closed doors and mindset

Upcoming Guests...

I started the podcast with professional cyclists as I wanted to support women in a sport that has supported me for half my life. I then opened the floor as I wanted to include a focus on mindset.

I feature guests who’ve “been there and done that”. Life hasn’t necessarily been easy. It’s just that they’ve developed strategies and mindsets to embrace the challenge and yet haven’t lost their love of life. Quite to the contrary! I generally don’t take unsolicited guests but if you would like to be on the show, you need these three qualities;

  1. You have a story to share about overcoming or achieving
  2. Sharing your story will change the lives of other women
  3. NO SELLING! I don’t do sponsored episodes

What the listeners say...

It's our stories that transform our bodies, our minds and our world