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Forgetting who you are could change the future

We wake up each day, you and I, and without even so much as a blink we’ve remembered our names, who we are and most importantly the challenges we carried yesterday. We remember we’re fat, we’re battling with money or our relationships, we remember how unloved we feel, we remember our disdain for ourselves and and and…

Love in the time of Coronavirus

It’s easy to be bleak. Even if you have work and an income, the mere fact that human contact is all but banned, is bound to have an impact on us from a mental health perspective. This too shall pass, it will but how do we get through the now?


The Great Hack: A leadership, not data, crisis

The Great Hack debuted on Netflix recently with the shocking tale of David Carroll’s quest to claim his data, which lead to the unravelling of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal and, ultimately, to the dissolution of Cambridge Analytica itself.

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Forget business as usual, build a brand ecosystem

To coin the latest Investec campaign "in out of the ordinary times, partner with the out of ordinary". The fact is, and we know it, marketers need more than just optimised ad spend and clever campaigns to thrive in fast-changing times. We need thinkers who are prepared to shift business as usual.

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Oprah Magazine

7 Ways to Pay it Forward

This article was featured in Oprah Magazine in 2009 but it's still one of my favourite pieces ever written

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From Europe to SA with love: 3 tips for South African marketers in 2019

On Friday afternoon we had the opportunity to spend time with the talented and multifaceted force that is Lisa Steingold.

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Advertising in the age of mobile, social and AI

By 2020, more people will have mobile phones than running water or electricity at home. This is according to Cisco's Visual Networking Index. Millennials will make up half of the global workforce and 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human, so says Deloitte’s Transitioning to the Future of Work report.

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Seeing With New Eyes

I love travel. I know that it doesn’t always live up to the glamour my twenties promised me it would, but it never ceases to amaze me just how much travel shifts my thinking. When we travel, we move into new landscapes, both literally and figuratively.

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Rising in Times of Chaos

Fear not – I’m not about to delve into the depressing number of challenges that we face in our society. Not only are you probably aware of them already, they’re made overwhelmingly visible by the mainstream media and across social media channels virtually on a daily basis.

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