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Learning to Love Lisa

Learning to Love Lisa is the story of a woman stumbling through her forties in all her flaws and flailings. Moving confidently from South Africa to Spain amidst a global pandemic, it all goes horribly wrong as she loses her job and realises that speaking Spanish is alot more difficult than her app promised it would be.
Learning to Love Lisa book

Processing Change

A practical guide for instigating life change. This is a free download.

Carbs, Curves & Everything in Between

Resetting your body isn't as difficult as you might think

Out of the Shadows

This book is a guide for anyone battling with general depression and anxiety or trying to come to terms with a challenging situation. This is not a happily ever after book, this is an alchemical guide to using darkness to find one's light.It's both a personal account of the author's experiences as much as it's a guide.