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Learning to
Love Lisa

A novel that takes you places you could never imagine!

Learning to Love Lisa is the story of a woman stumbling through her forties in all her flaws and flailings. Moving confidently from South Africa to Spain amidst a global pandemic, it all goes horribly wrong as she loses her job and realises that speaking Spanish is alot more difficult than her app promised it would be.

This story half Eat-Pray-Love, half Emily-in-Paris meets Brigit Jones will have you laughing and crying and she battles through heartbreak, eats her way through a mountain of flan and finds that life outside of what we expect can indeed be beautiful when we open our hearts.

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About the author

With a lifetime of experience travelling the globe, writing and shaping global brands, Lisa’s art of storytelling will have you spellbound.

Lisa has a passion for shaping world-class brands and has held executive positions across the globe. With a flair for the creative and more than a decade of experience studying human behaviour, she has a number of published works. Lisa lives partly in Spain and partly in South Africa, somewhat on her bicycle and in her imagination dreaming up new stories.

“It’s the story of all things true; life, love, joy and heartbreak all rolled into one! You live vicariously through it all and don’t be surprised if you end up buying a ticket somewhere”

Sarah Bates

More about the book

Whilst she’d hoped to buy her dream motorbike and style her image to one a little younger and more fashionable, she instead has to contend with her daily mistakes, job hunting in a new country and finding self-worth when it feels like all is lost and how to exchange broken sex toys in Spanish.
In an effort to keep sane while job hunting in her new country, she joins an all-male cycling group, explores the art of drinking coffee slowly, starts Spanish lessons with Alejandro and discovers what it means to overcome fear and to reclaim friendship, sensuality and joy. Both light and profound, this novel will leave you emotional, reflective and wanting for more.

I absolutely loved the story! It’s such an enchanting and easy read.

Vivian, South Africa