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A practical guide for instigating life change

Every day I meet people who are going through changes or who desperately want to change their lives. I am often asked for formulas and even for the answers. Whilst I am unable to give anyone else the answer, there is a process to change that I have found to be most beneficial in implementing change. It is not the only way but it is the way I have found that appeals to me because if offers a sustainable solution.

Unless we are able to get to the truth of the matter we will be unable to change our lives for any length of time. The irony is that changing your life does not require changing yourself. It is quite the opposite really. Changing your life requires that you begin to uncover and see who you are, all of who you are. This eBook is a practical guide to assist you in change.
As always although the process is not easy, I encourage you to embrace it. I also encourage you to use this guidebook in addition to other tools. As much as I have tried to give you the tools with which to embrace your path of change you may want to seek a professional or use other tools to assist you on your path towards change.
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When we cannot change the situation, we are forced to change ourselves. Victor Frankl