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So you want a coach?

As Simon Sinek says, let’s start with WHY?

  • You feel like you’re working hard for little to no results
  • You’re not seeing the results in your business that you’d like
  • You’re not seeing the brand traction you’d like
  • You’re suffering with burnout
  • You feel stuck
  • You feel like you’re battling with the relationships in your life
  • You just know something needs to change

About you

I only take on a handful of clients at any point in time. If you’re interested in embarking on a coaching journey; which will last between 2 and 12 months, we’ll schedule a Skype session to determine if I’m the right coach for you. To determine if I’m the right coach for you, ask yourself;

  • Am I prepared to ask and answer some difficult questions about myself?
  • Am I prepared to embrace in a process of change?
  • Am I prepared to receive feedback?

If the answer is yes, then we may be a match.

What’s a coach?

Depending on what resources you use, the term will differ and different coaches offer different approaches. Fundamentally if you want your outcome to be different, want to change behaviour or take your life into a new direction you’ll enlist the help of a coach.

What the difference between a coach and therapist?

Tom Henschel’s article in Forbes magazine answers this much better than I ever could so check it out. From my perspective if you need support and want someone to listen to you or need help overcoming a painful situation, get a therapist. If you want someone to challenge you, in a supportive framework, and you want to change, get a coach.

How does it work?

As I am based between Spain and South Africa, I see clients both online and in person. Where I am requested for in-person coaching specifically, clients will be required to pay travel fees.

What kind of coach am I?

I’m going to challenge you. I’m challenging and compassionate. I’m not going to listen to your stories trying to justify the way life needs to be or has been. As we partner on the coaching process, you will, more than likely experience some profound shifts which is where I will support you with compassion. I’ve shifted and honestly it’s bloody tough. At times it’s felt like I’m being squeezed through the eye of a needle but coming out the other side has ALWAYS seen my life lift to new heights. It’s scary, it’s exciting and it’s life changing. 

My Methodology

I work with clients in creating the brands, businesses, relationships and lives they wish to live. I don’t believe in “The Secret” given the power of the sub-conscious and un-conscious mind in our daily lives. I work with uncovering your values, behaviours and habits as many coaches do however given my Mindscape training and knowledge of depth psychology, I work in uncovering the unconscious and subconscious obstacles that inhibit desired behaviour, habits and the reaching of goals. In 2011, I put together a model formed around my own 7 Principles of Magic and the understanding that change is systemic. I lectured this methodology at Gibs Business School to MBA graduates but I’ve since adapted the model and will work with you in real life examples and exercises to mirror back your perceptions, beliefs and sometimes misplaced idealogy.

This is the reason I work with clients either in a 2 month, 6 month or annual process. I do believe that sustainable, lasting and impactful change comes from real integration of this process and it’s why I do not work on a session to session process. Please download the free eBook on Processing Change for more.

What does the model offer?

The model offers groups and individuals;

  • Results – but be prepared as you may decide to resign, your business may take off or you may decide that it’s time to take your physical body to new levels.
  • Change in some areas or every respect of one’s life
  • The freedom that results from living more aligned to one’s own philosophy and values
  • The ability to engage in difficult conversations
  • The ability to direct more attention to important tasks
  • To work more efficiently (work smart, not hard)
  • To embrace challenge in a more positive and beneficial manner to all involved
  • Greater adaptability

Things you should know before embarking on coaching with me

  • I don’t have the answers you’re looking for, you do. My job is to ask the right questions
  • I don’t take on every client who seeks to enlist the help of my services as I may feel we are not a fit
  • Coaching may unleash large scale change – do not embark on the process if you are unprepared for this
  • I still have dreams I want to achieve
  • I’m not ‘there’ – there is no there
  • I’ve failed and failed and failed again but I’ve also enjoyed success – it’s from both of these experiences that I coach
  • I have a diploma in counselling from the South African College of Applied Psychology
  • I do not belong to a governing body and nor do I receive supervision although I am also coached and have a therapist myself to keep myself accountable
  • I cry. I get angry and I express my emotions
  • I’m not going to be your best friend
  • My deepest desire is for you to be truthful in what you want and to lead a life that brings you joy

What they said

“Hi Lisa, I just wanted to say thank you for your talk at the GIBS Women in Leadership Conference. I was totally captivated and it definitely sparked something in me. I’m really looking forward to embarking on your coaching programme. Thank you for the wake up call! ~ Linda, ABSA

“What I wanted to tell you about how I’m doing and your talk that I went to earlier this year is that it totally shifted my perspective on some things. Your talk on your past and unlocking your magic just touched me like you won’t believe. My history was almost exactly the same. It was like you were speaking directly to me! It shifted so much at the time and helped me accept what was happening. I can’t thank you enough!” ~ Lisa participant from ABSA Capital

“Before coaching with Lisa, I remember telling a friend, I felt like a confused, scared puppy. I had tried many things to pull myself together and was rather desperate to get a handle on my life and myself. Lisa is tough, she is demanding, she challenges and she stretches you. She is also kind, gentle and has a wisdom beyond her years. I have grown in leaps and bounds and am a far more enriched and resilient person Lisa has taught me a whole toolbox to deal with life; both the good and the challenging and as a result, I feel more alive!” ~ Sue.

I am super excited for what lies ahead as I look through the world through different eyes and awareness ~ Carla Smith

Completely innovative! This program assisted me in getting in touch with aspects of mind and soul that I tend to shy away from. I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to grow themselves personally and professionally. Lisa is amazing. ~ Tony Paladin

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