Coffee is the answer | Lisa Steingold

Coffee is the answer

Coffee (according to Healthline) decreases your chances of Parkinson’s, curbs depression, lowers the risk of Type 2 Diabetes and promotes exercise performance amongst other things. As it turns out, it may also help you solve problems, increase your social circle, widen your network and improve your performance in many areas of life, not just exercise. This is purely based on personal research and observation but take my word for it; it works!

A number of years ago I worked on a project that needed almost immediate delivery. To cut a long story short, two cups of coffee bought access to vital information on the project which may have taken weeks.
Coffee is an ever utilised form of life saving not merely because of the caffeinated energy we receive as a result of it but because the social connection as a result of the experience. What’s happening in your life right now? Are you looking to downscale? Want to progress in your career? Do you want to finally sit down and write that book you’ve been looking to? Want to expand your business? Are you battling with a specific challenge?

Coffee (and cycling – although that’s another piece all together) is the answer to a host of questions and life situations;

  • Want a promotion?
  • Need some advice?
  • Want to start a relationship?
  • Need to apologise?
  • Want to start a new career?
  • Need advice on studying?
  • Want to understand why you’re not getting response on your CV?
  • Want to make a new friend?
  • Keen to gain a new perspective on the world?

Coffee my friends. In the days of social connection, you can’t beat half an hour over a good old cup of coffee.

Yes whilst therapy is a solid answer to many questions, I have found that coffee is the answer to all of them. Just last week I had coffee with a friend I had not seen for some time. He, in great friend style, gave me a good talking to about what I was doing and how I was squandering certain talents. It was the most worthwhile conversation and the proverbial kick up the ass was needed to help me focus.
Now before you go stalking on social, there’s one vital point I’d like to add before you leave; perhaps the most important point and that is that;

Coffee only works if you’re looking to contribute to the other party

Hooking up with people to see what you can gain has never worked in all my years of experience. Coffee, as an event should ALWAYS be a mutual event. Before connecting with someone, you should always think about what you can contribute.

And for those of you worrying about the fact that you only drink tea, there’s great news; tea has the exact same benefit! (So says Mindbody)

As I’ve found almost all of us are looking for an answer to a question, think about how you could solve someone else’s challenge and you’ve got a coffee match in heaven!
Let me know how it goes!