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3 Things I Learnt that Will Help Transform Your Body

Transform your body
Trust me, I've fasted, gone on juice cleanses, trained to do an Ironman and gone on crazy calorie-cutting programs. But these 3 things helped me transform my body for good! Here's how not to be an asshole.

I had just eaten a packet of my favourite biscuits…Sitting on the couch after my lunch of cheese and bread, I felt disgusting.

I could the pressure of my pants as they closed around my thighs. I hated it. I hated my body. 

And it was a feeling I felt often.

That was before I wrote Carbs, Curves and Everything in Between. 

Looking back I wanted to share the 3 things that helped me transform my body.

How to lose weight? What they DON’T tell you


Why write this when there are a million, probably more, other blogs on how to lose weight?

Most advice is geared towards practical advice like; drinking more water, 16-8 intermittent fasting, eating more protein…blah blah blah.

Nothing wrong.

The problem with this advice is that firstly each body is a world unto it’s own so you need to find what works for you.

And secondly;

Unless you find the reason for your habits and why you put on weight in the first place, nothing is really going to change. 

Woman training

3 Things I learn to transform my body

Move your body, for life

Most people when they start exercising do so to lose weight. Or go on a diet.

It’s not a bad reason but it’s also sometimes the reason they stop. They don’t exercise because they don’t see results soon enough.

But here are 3 secrets that no one will tell you;

  1. Working out is about moving your life, more than it’s about moving your body
  2. Weight loss is a lot more than about what you eat.
  3. Consistency, consistency, consistency

You exercise for your life, not your body. Sometimes I wake up feeling foggy-brained and sluggish. Fast forward to post-workout and I feel like a different person, ready to meet the day and focus on the work I love to do.

Exercise is what’s needed to change your mindset which is what you need to change your body. 

Of course, exercise helps to shape your body and metabolism but it’s not just that. The consistent action of learning to take yourself to new limits and reset your mindset is what is the real game-changer.

Stop the story – or at least change to a new one!

If you haven’t seen my article on Thrive titled “Forgetting who you are” it basically talks about this; changing the idea of who you think you are and what you can achieve.

If you wake up with the same story every day of who you are and what you can or can’t do, you’re putting the same limitations on what’s possible for the future. 

Essentially you’re creating a future based on the past.

What if you could stop the story of yesterday? Or at least pause it long enough to get your workout done. 

If you start with “I’m so fat”, where is there to go from there?

But Lisa, I really AM carrying weight!

So maybe you do have 10, 15 or even 50 kilos to lose. So maybe you are carrying fat.

Even still, try to find a more fitting story. 

Choose a mantra. Stick it up on your mirror and repeat!

  • I’ve got this
  • I’m taking steps forward every day
  • I’m capable of achieving my goals
  • I believe in myself
  • I love my body

Remember how I said I hated my body that day on the couch?

The more I hated my body, the worse I treated it and myself. 

Shift your attitude towards your body and yourself and watch yourself transform!

Learn why you eat

Why do you eat?

Here are 10 reasons why you eat; you are 

  1. Feeling anxious or sad
  2. Drinking alcohol
  3. Happy
  4. Bored
  5. Thirsty
  6. Eating out of habit
  7. Exhausted
  8. Stressed
  9. At a social event and the food is there
  10. Influenced by friends

And you may even be eating out of childhood training. For instance, you may even have been told to eat when you were young even if you weren’t hungry.

All of these things influence why we eat. 

9 Tips to transform your body for good?

Trust me, I’ve fasted, gone on juice cleanses, trained to do an Ironman and gone on crazy calorie-cutting programs. 

All it left me feeling was hopeless about my weight.

Apart from the above mentioned 3 habits, the following will help you transform your body for good;

  1. Limit alcohol
  2. Getting proper sleep
  3. Eat the foods you love!
  4. Finding an eating program that works for you
  5. Addressing anxiety and your emotional needs
  6. Eating for hunger and not for any other reason
  7. Training consistently which includes strength training
  8. Start the journey of self growth – get a therapist or even just start journalling
  9. Do the things you love! The more you bring your soul to life, the less you’ll be looking to food or alcohol for happiness.

My go-to guru is Dan Go, as he’s a trainer for entrepreneurs. His approach works for me because he trains for being short on time. I also LOVE his philosophy; otherwise. 

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