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How to Adult. Literally

I can't and other lies you tell yourself
The stories we tell ourselves become the narratives for our lives. So the key is to choose good stories!

Adulting. It sucks. It really does. I don’t know about you but I’d often rather be riding my bicycle.

But if you do it right, you can get away with the bare minimum and reap the rewards.

Here’s how to adult. Literally.


What you’ve got to take care of as an adult

Emotional wellbeing

Firstly, as an adult, you need to know how to recognise and manage your emotions. This means a level of self-awareness.

I think every person should go for therapy but if that isn’t an option financially, at least start your own journey of self development with journaling, meditation and even just reading books like any one of these;

  1. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  2. Atomic Habits by James Clear
  3. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
  4. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey
  5. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
  6. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson
  7. Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

Finances and taxes

The bottom line (excuse the pun) is you need money to survive. I’m sorry I haven’t figured out a way around this. You want stuff, you’ve got to buy it.

This means you need to manage your money like a fucking grownup. Some baseline concepts;

  • Income – you need some to buy the stuff you want/need.
  • Taxes – this is money you will pay to the government for roads, government services and politicians.
  • Home (also known on documents as Domicilium, the Latin term for dwelling) – you will need one which means you will either rent or buy. If you buy, unless you inherited or have made a ton of money, you will need a mortgage.  

Health and Fitness

Your body will carry you through your life and depending on how you treat it, it will carry you well. I’m not here to lecture you on how to eat and exercise but just that there are a few simple things you may want to bear in mind to keep healthy.

  • Exercise – Do some. Even if it’s just a couple times a week of walking. My best go-to guru for this is Dan Go.
  • Nutrition – Get some. Dad, this means a few green things every now and then. How you wish to structure your diet; paleo, intermittent fasting, vegan etc. is up to you. Personally I’m more of a fan of balance. Make sure you get some fresh fruit and veg and go easy on the alcohol. Follow Jessice Sepel for some great recipes.
  • Smoking – Negatory. This you already know.
  • Sleep – Please sleep! 7-8 hours a day. You need it more than you know and if you don’t believe me than you think. 

Relationships – this is optional but also not

If you want to be able to lead a truly rich and rewarding life then you will need to take care of your relationships; all kinds. 

  • An intimate relationship
  • Work relationships
  • Parenting
  • Familial relationships
  • And last but not least, the relationship with yourself. Your personal wellbeing is the key to all relationships.

People say relationships are difficult but they’re actually not. It’s pretty simple;

  • Be authentic
  • Listen to others
  • Share how you really feel
  • Have boundaries
  • Have values

This isn’t a to-do list. This are skills that you can learn in a day and that will take a lifetime to perfect. Be patient with yourself. 

Other stuff that no one tells you about

There are things about being an adult that no one tells you about. Things like washing dishes and house work. It’s amazing how quickly they pile up!

Trust me here that your biggest blessing will be to outsource where possible. Even if it is to a dishwasher. 

Warning – Adulting comes with side effects

Okay before we jump into the HOW TO adult. Here’s a warning that no one tells you about. Adulting can be hazardous to your health! 

Adulting may cause anxiety. And sometimes fear

But those are just symptoms and can be managed. 

And adulting done right means you’ll be able enjoy your life to the max – a concept I’m passionate about and advocate. 

The best tips for Adulting

There are a few tips I have that will most likely save you time. Most importantly they will save you alot of heartache and pain. 

Here are my Top 11

  1. Get yourself a tax consultant. Or assessors as they call in Spain. Keep your tax up to date and you’ll sleep better at night. This I promise you.
  2. Don’t waste your weekends. Learn how to systemize
  3. Cook on Sundays so you’ve got meals prepped for the week days and you’ll be less tempted to reach for fast food
  4. Drink water. Everyday and lots of it.
  5. Move your body, move your life but work out with a friend – you’re far more likely to stick to the habit
  6. Learn to be brutally honest with yourself. It will give you more life and save you more pain than you could imagine.
  7. Take ownership of situations. No one owes you a thing. When something isn’t working make a plan and find a solution.
  8. Save and invest – it’ll discipline you to focus on your dreams. What’s more have a savings and investment plan to make those dreams a reality.
  9. Make your bed. EVERY day. It’ll start your day right, every day.
  10. Practice joy. It’s easy to get lost in everything; work, taxes, the daily to-do list, kids etc. Do ONE thing that brings you joy everyday. 
  11. Read or learn a new language. It’s one of the few things you’ll do that’ll make you more intelligent.

Keep in touch and let me know how it goes!

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