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What happened to aerobics…and why should we care?

I remember as a young girl (I’m just a little older than a young girl now) I used to wake up and watch “Body Beat” every weekday morning whilst getting dressed for school. A guy scantily clad in overly short shorts and a shirt with not enough material exposing both belly button and shoulder lead three women in leotards and L.A.Gear shoes to a beat. Over forty minutes they proceeded to step side to side counting to three and waving their arms in the air. It was the workout that spanned decades making Jane Fonda and even the likes of John Travolta famous.

So what happened?

Life changed and as time wore on the gym scene and spinning took their place in preference to aerobics. Yoga whilst practiced for centuries prior, began to take over as the exercise du jour. Whilst yoga stayed, over the past few years even gym and spinning have given rise to crossfit, watt biking and races like Spartan and Tough Mudder. It’s a new breed of workout that fuels most people’s fire these days.

I look at this whole scenario and think it’s not too dissimilar to the changes currently occurring in other aspects of our lives and that there may be something to learn from all of this.
Jane Fonda did not speak with fear warning people of the coming changes and how it would affect their lives. Most of us, her included, simply adapted to a different way of living.

In the midst of the 4th Industrial Revolution I’m not sure it’s all that different. We simply are adapting to a new way of life and living. There’s a host of media indicating that “the robots” are taking over jobs and that is true to an extent but it also opens up a new way of life for us. What it requires is a new way of being; one that requires the very things that we humans are good at; adaptability, agility and resilience.
I’m not about to wax lyrical about the possibilities as I don’t want to spill all the beans but as I do wish to quell fear in the face of the 4IR, I felt that the article below “3 Reasons not to Fear the 4th Industrial Revolution” would go some way to perhaps changing the current end of the world fear I feel is often spread by speakers and futurists.

In this light and to end of this quick post I just wanted to share that Jane Fonda, Jamie Lee Curtis and John Travolta went on to lead sterling careers off the back of aerobics so why not you or I? With that I’m off to yoga.

3 Reasons Not To Fear The Fourth Industrial Revolution

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