The Art of Money | Lisa Steingold


Money. Moolah. Cash. Dinero. 

I never really thought about money until I didn’t have it. All of a sudden, it became really really important. It became so important that I delved into every aspect of it. Not just into the concept money itself but what I believed about it, how I used and abused it and my value in relation to it. It took me a couple of years of soul work, financial healing and introspection to overcome my pattern of financial crisis.  What I’ve discovered has changed my life and I’d like to use what I’ve discovered to change yours.

Financial management, a skill all of us have to learn to master, isn’t just about budgeting. It isn’t just about knowing how much you earn and how much you spend. It isn’t, just about knowing how interest rates work. It’s about a relationship; a life-long deep and committed relationship between yourself and money. It’s about understanding what drives your behaviour in money. It’s about understanding that your value extends far beyond how many Rands or Dollars enter your personal account each month. Therein lies the art.

There’s no formula, but there is an art that is unlocked from within.

In creating this art there are however some key steps in understanding why we create the lives and stories we do. I used to think life “just happened” but it doesn’t really; we create it from the inside out in many respects. Whilst external circumstances beyond our control occur, our response and therefore the effect comes from within. 

The Art of Money explores the hidden dynamics behind our relationship with money to create a new story. Here’s to releasing the old and creating new stories and wealth.